Our Services

Services we offer

  • Permanent Placement
  • Executive Recruitment
  • Temporary & Contract Labour
  • Head-Hunting
  • International Recruitment

Permanent Placement

If you have a permanent position to fill, NPPS can source any individual to match any criteria. This can be at any level from senior executives and middle management through to junior appointments. NPPS has a unique knowledge of the market and a personnel database to meet your permanent recruitment needs.

We undertake head-hunting, sourcing candidates to any specification, screening CV’s, interviews, references and qualifications checks. NPPS will supply a short list of selected interviewed candidates.

Executive Recruitment

NPPS offers a search and selection service. This involves recruiting senior executive positions for any specification. This can be as senior as a CEO, COO or any nominated Executive position or managers with the specific skills, qualifications and leadership experience, required to support and drive any business forward.

Temporary / Contract Labour

Short term personnel, day to day, whatever duration of contract, whether you need a Licensed Engineers, Fitters and Technicians, NPPS is ideally placed to meet your specialist recruitment needs at a moment’s notice.


Our head-hunting services include:

-          Sourcing candidates to your required specifications

-          Screen CV’s

-          Qualifications & reference check

-          Interviews

International Recruitment Campaigns

NPPS consultants are experienced at sourcing your personnel requirements overseas through extensive experience of international recruitment campaigns for their clients globally.


Job Categories

  • Engineering
  • IT and Telecoms
  • Financial Markets
  • Finance, Accounting & Tax
  • Commercial
  • Supply Chain
  • Executives